SFX 241 PREVIEW It's Dracula With A Twist In New TV Show

It's Bram Stoker, but not as we know it, in new Dracula series

Bram Stoker's daddy of the vampire novel Dracula may be one of the most filmed stories of all time, but this Victorian London-set take on the tale promises to add a transfusion of new blood.

"The original pitch was we wanted to do Dangerous Liaisons with Dracula," reveals executive producer Daniel Knauf. "We wanted to do a costume drama with a lot of romance that is all revolving around Dracula. It's a bit different to the book."

In this new adaptation, Dracula (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) poses as a flashy American wowing the UK with new-fangled science. "[Series creator] Cole Haddon made this sandbox in which all the toys are Bram Stoker's characters," Knauf continues. "But they're allied against this secret society that is really the major baddie. This Order of the Dragon is even worse than Dracula, so all of a sudden we can make him an antihero in the story."

Dracula comes to Sky Living in the UK on Thursday 31 October, and will air on NBC in the US. Read more about the show in the new issue of SFX, on sale from Wednesday 16 October. Order a copy or subscribe online at MyFavouriteMagazines.co.uk or find all our issues on Apple Newsstand, Google Play, Zinio, Kindle and Nook .

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