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It’s the summer of aliens: Prometheus , Men in Black 3 , Battleship , Avengers Assemble- they’re even in The Dark Knight Rises (not really. That’s the next reboot when Michael Bay takes over...). We love aliens here at SFX , and we’re throwing them an intergalactic celebration in SFX 222. Buy a copy and let it hug your face until you burst with joy! Order SFX right here if it's already sold out in your area...


Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and the great Ridley Scott discuss the Alien prequel and potential classic-in-the-making.

Men In Black 3

Ten years after the first sequel, SFX chats with MIB3 director Barry Sonnenfeld, as well as monster make-up legend Rick Baker.

Snow White And The Huntsman

From thirty seconds in Star Trek to a thunder god and leading man, “Big Hammer” Chris Hemsworth talks turning Snow White into an epic fantasy.

Game Of Thrones

Liam Cunningham, AKA Davos Seaworth, AKA the Onion Knight tells us what he thinks makes Game Of Thrones unmissable.

The War Of The Worlds

The strange tale of the HG Wells adaptation that never was.


Future Worlds

Kim Stanley Robinson dishes out some tips on creating sci-fi future histories.

Lost In Space?

How does Prometheus fit into Alien’s universe? SFX plots the timeline.

China Crisis

China Miéville talks trains, confusing tales, and being haunted by his latest creation.


Fondly reminiscing over sci-fi classics Babylon 5 and A.I. Artificial Intelligence .


Avengers Assemble , The Hunger Games , Battleship , Juan Of The Dead , Silent House , Wrath Of The Titans, Mirror Mirror, The Darkest Hour, True Blood Season Four, Being Human Series Four, Clone, Strippers Versus Werewolves, 2312, Champion Of Mars, The Bloody Red Baron, America’s Got Powers, Crossed: Wish You Were Here and much, much more…

SFX 222 is on sale now, in shops as well as digitally (see below). You can also subscribe to the print version of SFX to save loads on the shop price. Hurrah!

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