SFX 219 On Sale Now!

Martin Freeman is our furry-footed cover star in the latest jam packed issue of the galaxy's greatest SF mag...

On Sale Wednesday 8 February

Got iOS5 for your shiny new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch? You do! Well, did you know you can download issue 219 of SFX direct from Newsstand (our US chums can use this link ) on the day of release for a mere £2.99? Not bad, eh? iDevice users still in the dark ages of iOS4.whatever can also download the SFX app direct from the app store, which acts as a portal for you to download (or subscribe) to your favourite science fiction and fantasy magazine. Android users have no reason to feel left out either as you can still pick up the latest issue from Zinio .

Short But Sweet

Game On

Game Of Thrones rocks, and rocks hard: dragons, magic, enormous swords, amazing performances and some of the finest writing to hit the small screen ever, we sat down for a chat with George RR Martin about what lies ahead in season two. Be still, our beating heart...

Joss Sticks

We've got Whedonitis, and we've got it bad - the Buffy creator, Avengers helmer and all round fandom superstar Joss Whedon takes us through his Heroes & Inspirations . Not bad, eh?

Titan Up

Back and brasher than ever, Wrath Of The Titans aims to prove that sometimes anger can be put to good use (like selling lots of cinema tickets, for example). We talk to director Jonathan Liebesman about bringing Sam Worthington's swords and sandals back to the big screen.

A Mars A Day

Disney are finally bringing John Carter and his Martian adventures to the big screen - hurrah! To celebrate, we settled down for tea and biscuits with director Andrew Stanton and leading lady Lynn Collins . Wonderful!

Don't Miss!

  • Retro action! Michael Ironside gets out the reminisi-box as Scanners get the Time Machine treatment , while we give both sides of The Phantom Menace debate an airing and ask is the Star Wars prequel better than you remember? Obviously we're not including Jar Jar in that statement...
  • One On One! We have a Close Encounter with former Bath resident and pro Ghost Rider, the one and only Nicolas Cage.
  • Spoiler Zone! American Horror Story, Chuck, Grimm, Lost Girl, Merlin, Misfits, Once Upon A Time, Sanctuary, The Secret Circle, Supernatural, Terra Nova and The Vampire Diaries are all rated for your pleasure...


Chronicle, The Devil Inside, A Monster In Paris, The Darkest Hour, Blood Car, Game Of Thrones, Paranormal Activity 3, Fright Night, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, Melancholia, Merlin Series Four, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Teen Wolf, Intrusion, Dead Harvest, ADD, Wolverine And The X-Men and Star Wars: The Old Republic and much, much more!

SFX 219 is on sale Wednesday 8 February , in stores as well as through Newsstand and Zinio . You can also subscribe to the print version of SFX to save loads on the shop price – UK readers will receive a sweet Marvel Mug if they do (offer ends 10 February, so be quick!).