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    Submitted by Derek Plote

Serious Sam Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Adil Manzoor & Syed Mursaleen

    Secret Level

    Valley of The Kings

    Play the level Valley of the Kings. At the end of the level you come to a place where there is a wooden bridge. Press the ~ button and give the cheat Please Fly. Fly to the other side of the wooden bridge and land there. You will see a cave in front of you.Enter the cave and you will reach to a secret level known as Moon Mountains. Flying is needed because if you walk on the wooden bridge it will break and you will fall in the water and reach the Oasis level.

  • PC | Submitted by Game Freak

    Secret Monster Hint

    To find the Biomechoniod Major and the Sythian Witch Harpy on level 1 when you get there turn around and keep going forward until you get to the first level of the temple then you'll see a path go onto the path then go to the end and right when you get of the path you'll find the Biomechoniod Major BEWARE: They are armed with Rocket Launchers and there are four of them but don't worry if you find the Rocket Launcher on the 3rd floor on the temple [outside the temple!] to get it first get to the 3rd floor [of coarse.] then go right then you'll see a stone ledge to your right then CAREFULLY Jump on the ledge then you'll see another ledge then go a little bit forward then turn so your facing the 2nd floor then back up a pinch so you can running start then run off then time your jump right then you'll be on the ledge you saw then go to the end of it and you'll find the R.L. then you can kick butt! when you get to the end of the path keep going and eventfully you'll come to a tree blow it up with your new R.L. then go past it a bit then you'll hear a buzzard sound it's the Witch Harpy's call the best way to kill them now is with your Knife.

Serious Sam Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Method 2 (Used on some versions??)

    During gameplay press F1 to get the console then put in a code below hit ENTER then press F1 again to activate
    cht_bGiveAll - Get all weapons
    cht_bGod - Invincibility
    cht_bInvisible - Be invisible
    cht_bRefresh - Max Health
    cht_bFly - Fly Mode
    cht_bGhost - No clipping mode

  • PC | Submitted by SOLIDSNAKE89

    Hippie Splatter Art

    What you do first for this funny cheat is set the blood and gore on hippie mode. Then, you go to a level where you encounter beheaded bombers. As soon as you encounter them, hit the ~ button, (to the left of the #1 button on your key board) and type in "please fly". You will be able to fly! Simply fly into the air, and the headless freaks will group under you, just shoot one and they will all blow to pieces, painting a mural on the ground. I apologize for this being so long, but try it, it's a lot of fun.

  • PC | Submitted by open heart surgery

    Mega Secret On First Level

    On the first level when you start of in the teleport turn around you should see a ramp go down it and turn right you should see a door way open it inside it has about 4 guys in serious Sam shirts with really big heads you can kill them if you like plus there is some rockets have fun

  • PC | Submitted by AtomEntity

    Get any level

    When in Serious Sam, hit new game. Then go to custom levels. It should list every level in the game. Simply click on one and you will be transported there. Another cool thing about this is that you have any weapons that you normally picked up on the levels you skipped.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Bring up the console using the ~ key then put in one of the following codes:
    please fly - flight mode
    please ghost - No Clipping mode
    please tellall - Shows Netricsa messages
    please refresh - ???
    please giveall - All items
    please god - Invincibility
    please open - All doors opened
    please invisible - Invisibility
    please killall - Kill enemies

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to unlock Mental Mode

    Finish the game one time using Serious Mode. mental Mode makes enemies phase in and out

  • Xbox | Submitted by Some guy named Joe

    Get the Heart Without Getting Caught!

    OK. First, go to the Tomb of Ramses III, then, later on in the level, there is a cage with a heart inside. Get in line with the heart, or one of the four entrances. Push up on the joystick as hard as you can to get to the heart inside the cage. As soon as you get the heart (you'll need reflexes for this part) back out as fast as possible. Then, instead of being caught in the cage, you will be free!

  • Xbox | Submitted by bad

    Kill Enemies Fast and Keep More Health

    Ok this isn't really a cheat but on levels were you fight those little green things as a boss use your chainsaw and you will kill them faster and you will keep more health then using any weapon or wasting any bullets.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Joe

    Cheat mode

    In the main menu click and hold the left analog-stick, while holding it press BLACK, WHITE, then Y. If done right a cheat menu will apear at the main menu.