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See Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel in Valentine's Day trailer

The teaser trailer for romantic comedy Valentine's Day has arrived online.

If you thought He's Just Not Into You was stuffed with thesps like a TV chef's chicken is with fancy ingredients, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Valentine's Day takes that paltry previous list and pees all over it, boasting the likes of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Clyde from Any Which Way But Loose, Emma Roberts, Queen Latifah and Ashton Kutcher.

One of those might be a cleverly planted lie, but the comedy follows 10 people as they deal with love, life, happiness, sex and sadness on one day in Los Angeles. What day is that? You'll have to see the film to figure that out, won't you?

Take a look at the footage below, then register your excitement/disgust in the comments…

Valentine's Day arrives on 12th February. The movie, that is.