See Goku battle Naruto in our J-Stars Victory Vs. video from TGS 2013

Tokyo Game Show plays host to new titles from all over the world, but many come to see the handful of promising games that may never be released outside Japan. J-Stars Victory Vs. feels like the latter, because the crossover brawler includes more than a dozen popular characters from the most popular manga to appear in the Shonen Jump series of magazines, characters that would be difficult to license all for one game in the west. The roster includes characters well known in the states like Goku and Naruto, as well as lesser known protagonists from series like Ruroni Kenshin and YuYu Hakusho. In the gameplay video below you'll see us going straight to the main event with Goku fighting Naruto. Maybe if the video gets a million views, they'll bring the game to the US. It's worth a shot, right?

Henry Gilbert

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