See exclusive Avatar footage!

The new issue of Total Film hits shelves this Thursday 19th November, and along with all the usual film news, reviews and features, we are also offering you an exclusive clip of Avatar , courtesy of LG's new Chocolate phone.

That isn't the only Avatar coverage we've got in the new issue, far from it - we have an entire supplement devoted to Avatar maestro James Cameron, celebrating his complete works from Piranha II to Dark Angel , and interviews with the man himself and his collaborators - a must have for any Cameron fan!

First step to watch the exclusive Avatar footage - grab a copy of the new Total Film.

To watch the footage, simply follow these steps;

1) With your copy of Total Film in hand, turn to our special James Cameron supplement and find the LG logo.

2) Go to to launch their special LG Chocolate BL40 webcam.

3) Hold up the LG logo to the webcam, and watch the exclusive Avatar footage!

4) No webcam? No worries. Head to for instructions on how to view the clip.

Seen the trailer? Going to track down the footage? Tell us your thoughts!