See big-name games at Edinburgh Interactive Festival

Thursday 2 August 2007
Several big-name games are slated to make public appearances at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2007, which takes place on 13 and 14 August. Amongst the blockbuster titles appearing are Unreal Tournament 2007, Assassin's Creed and the rather brilliant-looking BioShock. Codemasters' Rise of the Argonauts and Turning Point will be making their world debuts at the festival and, to top it all off, Guitar Hero III will be making its public European debut. Get in!

The screenings will take place on Tuesday, 14 August at the Odeon Cinema, Lothian Road, in Edinburgh. To help you secure your place, Gamestation stores in Scotland will be giving out tickets for the screenings from Monday, 6 August, so be sure to ask about those.

There will be guest speakers present at the festival, including Dave Doak - developer of Haze and TimeSplitters - and Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games - the people behind Gears of War. Students can also sample the action with a series of specially tailored screenings including an industry expert panel entitled %26lsquo;How To Get Into The Games Industry%26rsquo;.

For full details of the festival programme and events, along with details about registration and how to book, visit theEdinburgh Interactive Festival website- but don't forget that screeningsof games carrying an age certificate will only be shown appropriately.

Justin Towell

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