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See Alpha Protocol's hardest sex scene

The woman forcibly boning Michael Thorton down there is SIE, a mercenary we actually didn’t even encounter during our first playthrough of Alpha Protocol. Damn shame that, as she stars in by far the most explicit sex scene in the game. AND swapping fluids with her is the only way to unlock the “Savage Love” Achievement/Trophy, which is one of four romance rewards needed to unlock the “Ladies’ Man” A/T.

Above: Grasping for affection

Without spoiling anything major (except for teh sechs!) the scene occurs toward the end of the game, provided you select SIE to accompany you during the final mission. Appeal to her feminist sensibilities, and she’ll mount you in a steamy scenario where you literally won't be able to refuse. Scandalous!

You can catch a glimpse of the vixen (seemingly) without panties in the Alpha Protocol music video. Read our Super Reviewright here, and happy fapping to all!

Jun 3, 2010