Second Extinction shows off the power of its Apex Engine in new Future Games Show trailer

(Image credit: Systemic Reaction)

Second Extinction developer Systemic Reaction has debuted another sneak peek at its dino hunting FPS, in a new trailer showcased exclusively at today's Future Games Show. 

The footage has senior producer Brynley Gibson explaining how the studio built its ambitious new title from the ground up, utilising its next-gen Apex engine to create a shooter that felt fast, vast, and very, very bloody. 

Check it out below: 

"The Apex engine allows us to deliver emergent, physics-based action that fills the screen with intense mayhem," explains Gibson in the commentary. "It means no two dismembered raptors even look the same as they sail through the air."

Gibson's comments are echoed by the footage he's talking over, which displays all manner of reptilian body parts colouring the screen, with more particle effects than a Star Wars dogfight.

Second Extinction is set to launch next month in Early Access for PC, with an Xbox One and Xbox Series X release date to be confirmed. Systemic Reaction has, however, already confirmed it'll be optimising the game for Xbox Series X when that next-gen console launches this Holiday 2020. 

The Future Games Show, meanwhile, is live right now, and still has plenty more to showcase following Second Extinction's new trailer, including exclusive reveals, developer interviews, and much more. Be sure to watch along in real-time on our YouTube channel, so you don't miss a thing. 

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