Sea of Thieves is getting a new Tall Tale and banana clothes for your pet monkey

Sea of Thieves' next big update adds a new Tall Tale and banana-themed weapons and clothes for pets. Heart of fire drops March 11 and also adds a number of quality-of-life updates, bug fixes, a new cannonball, and a new throwable weapon.

The new Tall Tale continues the story from the Seabound Soul Tall Tale, taking you through a volcanic dungeon filled with fire traps. And while fire traps sound very scary, they're actually less threatening than most traps in Sea of Thieves because they don't kill you immediately. That said, it sounds Rare upped the ante in the new Tall Tale with more creative mechanisms and traps. You'll also be able to take different paths through the new dungeon, which should make subsequent runs for commendations more interesting this time around.

Of course, I know the real reason you're here is for those banana-themed weapons and pet outfits. It's true, Sea of Thieves now has guns, swords, and pet clothes baring the striking yellow hue of a ripe banana, which is apparently something a lot of players were asking for. Sadly, they can only be purchased using real money for the moment, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

There's also the new Chain Shot cannonball, which looks like a ship sail's worst nightmare. The new throwable weapon is called the Blunderbomb, and that can be lobbed at enemy pirates to knock them back (preferably off of your ship and into the jaws of a Megalodon). You'll have two of each new weapon each time you log in once the update goes live.

Finally, there are a few quality of life improvements and bug fixes to know about. You can now cash in your portable ammo crates at all outposts, and the Chest of Rage will now be washing up on island shores. Rare also fixed an issue where cosmetics weren't persisting between different play sessions.

In case you need a refresher before you take on the new Tall Tale in Heart of Fire, here's our guide to all of the current Sea of Thieves Tall Tales.

Jordan Gerblick

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