Sea of Thieves' first time-limited Adventure is live and Golden Sands is abandoned

Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves' first time-limited Adventure event is live, and there's plenty to do and explore until it ends on Thursday, March 3, two weeks from today.

In case it's been a while since your last pirate adventure or you're new to the game, Adventures are new Sea of Thieves story events that not only shape the overarching narrative through each season, but also change the world around you temporarily. For example, the first Sea of Thieves Adventure, titled Shrouded Islands, adds mysterious islands covered in dense fog and leaves Golden Sands Outpost completely abandoned.

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Shrouded Islands kicks off a multi-part story centered around a rip in the veil of the Sea of the Damned through which phantom pirates have been entering the land of the living for some time now. It sounds like the event will explain more about the origin of ghosts and ghost ships, as Shrouded Island tasks you with exploring the titular fog-covered islands and uncovering the secrets of the dead. It should also be interesting to see what the heck happened to Golden Sands, a most popular resting spot for weary pirates just turning in their loot for the night. Just have a chat with Larinna in front of any Outpost tavern and you'll start the story.

Not everyone is happy about the fact that Adventures only last for two weeks and then they're gone, but in case you do miss one, the next event will catch you up on the story with a cinematic. You can read more about the story Shrouded Islands is setting up over on Rare's official event page.

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