Screens show off World of Warcraft expansion

New screenshots have been revealed of the eagerly awaited World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, which will feature a load of new features and two new races.

The new races are the Draenei and the Blood Elves, and it's because of their introduction that members of the Horde can play as paladins and the members of Alliance can now make use of the shaman class.

Blizzard has ensured that these new developments have come about due to events that have occurred in the races' histories. For the Draenei, it was former priest Nobundo who wandered for decades in the deserts of the Outland after the orcs had destroyed his race. It was there that he learned about the power of shaman and so returned determined to use his power to help the Draenei.

At the same time the Blood Elves were founding the Blood Knights, a new order whose creation was made possible by former priestess Lady Liadrin. It was she who learned how to use the powers of the Light even though she had not earned such abilities, all thanks to experimentation by wizards working on a captured naaru.

Due to these two developments, players who have stayed faithful to one faction will now be able to experiment with new classes that were previously unavailable.

July 24, 2006