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Scott Derrickson in talks to direct Doctor Strange

Marvel looks to be making moves towards bringing its Doctor Strange adaptation to fruition, with Variety reporting that Scott Derrickson is in talks to occupy the director's chair.

According to the report, Derrickson is the studio's first choice to take on the project, ahead of rival candidates Jonathan Levine and Mark Andrews.

Having made his name on horror films like Sinister and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose , Derrickson looks a decent fit for the material, which focuses on the titular "master of the mystic arts".

A former neurosurgeon who loses his hands in a terrible car accident, Strange travels to the himalayas to locate "the Ancient One", who schools him in the ways of the occult.

According to Variety , should Derrickson take the gig he will assist Marvel with the search for a leading man, with Johnny Depp having previously been linked to the role.

Derrickson took to Twitter to confirm his appointment:

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