Sci-Fi & Fantasy Currency Converter

Going travelling? Well, if you’re visiting Ankh-Morpork, then going on to Mega City One before crossing into Westeros, here’s a handy utility for you to keep track of your finances. It could also prevent you from being stitched up by the dodgy Bureaux de Change at New Vegas

Sci Fi Currency Converter by Money In Advance

Money makes the world go round - and not just our world, but a host of fantasy and science fiction ones too. The Intergalactic Exchange Bureau, a new online tool produced by Money In Advance, allows you to make conversions between currencies from ten big fictional franchises - including Star Trek , Fallout , A Song of Ice and Fire and Discworld . So if you've ever wondered how far an Ankh-Morpork dollar would take you in Skyrim , or how many Federation Credits you'd get for a Galleon, now's your chance to find out.

Each currency is accompanied by a short description explaining its value in GBP and how each one was calculated.

According to Money In Advance: “Working out the values of the currencies was no easy task, and required a combination of careful examination of the source material, helpful advice from fans and occasionally a cheeky bit of creative interpretation. For instance, the gold dragon from a Song of Ice and Fire was based on a throwaway comment about fine wine by Lord Petyr Baelish, while a receipt for a talking toaster helped calculate the value of Red Dwarf 's dollarpound. We also had valuable input from STARFLEET, the international Star Trek Fan Association, in determining the value of a Federation Credit.”

Yeah, sure, it’s never going to help you pass that economics exam or make calculating your taxes any easier, but it’s oddly addictive fun!

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