Save up to 80% on these very cheap Antivirus deals at Newegg right now

Save up to 80% on these very cheap Antivirus deals at Newegg right now
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These are not sexy or exciting purchases, we know, but picking up a cheap antivirus deal is sensible, useful, and very important. And if you can get one of the best antivirus in the said deal then you're laughing. And Newegg has exactly this on offer for you today. With AVG and Avast being some of the best in the business, known best perhaps for their free software, getting one of their premium packages for literally a handful of beans is a terrific offer - and you can save up to 80% right now.

AVG and Avast are two of the biggest players in the antivirus business and are well-known and reputable manufacturers of reliable software. These are unobtrusive softwares that'll keep the nasties away with a variety of features and security measures without draining your machine's resources or annoying you with popups all the time.

While the more premium packages go further than plain old antivirus systems, offering password protections and extra security for things like online banking and shopping, the 'less-premium' versions still keep you well protected and will be able to bat off the baddies from a distance. What's more, these packages are all multi-device packages so the bang for your buck extends to the sheer spread of quality coverage you'll be getting.

Again, while it's not the most exciting acquisition, at least you can get some 'excitement' from knowing you're bagging a bargain. We know, it's a bit dull. But important! So, ensure your device can whack the nasties off from a distance and check these offers out. 

And just to note, each package has a specific code so take note of which one applies to which package below to get the fullest of discounts.

AVG Ultimate 2020 | $89.99

AVG Ultimate 2020 | $89.99 $24.99 at Newegg
This is a cracking deal for one of AVG's most premium packages. With a usual list price of 90 bucks, you can use code 'EMCDHED29' to get the price right down to a mere $25. This will cover 10 devices too, which is ridiculous value.

Avast Ultimate Suite 2020 | $69.99

Avast Ultimate Suite 2020 | $69.99 $16.99 at Newegg
If you prefer Avast's style, user interface, and protection then you can also save big on one of their bigger packages. Use the code 'EMCDHED32' to get 75% off the price of this five-device package 

However, if you're after something more slimline and don't fancy the more expensive and expansive options, then these cheaper options will still see you right and have you well protected from the nasties.

AVG Internet Security | $49.99

AVG Internet Security | $49.99 $9.99 at Newegg
An absolute price hacking on this one, and using the code 'EMCDHED28' get's you this great, 50-dollar, multi-device package from AVG for just $9.99.

Avast Premium 2020 | $49.99

Avast Premium 2020 | $49.99 $9.99 at Newegg
Once again, if you prefer the cut of Avast's jib, then this leaner (than the 'Ultimate' ones) package is on offer too. Get an almost-unbelievable 80% off with the code 'EMCDHED33'. 

Want more options? Check out our guide to the best antivirus software. Did you know that some antivirus programs, like Bitdefender, can go on mobile devices too? They can be right at home on the best gaming phones or the best gaming tablets.

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