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Save nearly $80 on the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair

Save nearly $80 on the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair
(Image credit: Respawn)

Ah, the all-important journey to seek out a comfortable zone to rest your posterior when gaming or attending to tasks on the computer. The sofa doesn't always cut it, and neither does that raggedy old office chair you've had for 20 years. It might be time for a significant upgrade, and we've got a great suggestion for you. 

Enter the Respawn 200, a fantastic choice for plopping down in for a long session of gaming (or whatever it is you do at your PC or desk). It's a whopping 36% off right now at Amazon, which makes it just $138. That's $77 off its normal price of $215, which is well worth the saving. You can also get free delivery with Prime, as usual, and optional "expert assembly" for another $73 if you so choose, but it should be a simple enough affair to do on your own. 

It comes in blue, red, green, gray, and white, but so far only the blue model appears to be on sale – so hopefully your decor matches! 

This model just happens to be one of PC Gamer's favorite chairs, and one of their selections for best gaming chair, period. You can't argue with that. You could spend a lot of money on one of these bad boys, but why would you when this one will do you just fine? Be sure to act fast, though. We're not sure how long this plush chair will be up for grabs. 

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair is $138 | save $77
You can't go wrong with this fantastic example of a gaming chair, which is nearly $80 off right now at Amazon. It looks like only the blue version is on sale, however. View Deal

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