Prime Day can save you $200 on the 2022 Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair

SecretLab gaming chairs
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The behemoth 2022 Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair is 24% off with this excellent Prime Day gaming chair deal, bringing the price down to $649 at Amazon (was $850). In case math's not your specialty, that's a whopping $200 savings on a solid, ergonomic recliner with lumber support and all the adjusting parts you need to get comfortable. 

In our opinion it's currently the best gaming chair around, sitting at the top of our list, with another three Titan brand chairs backing it up in our round up of seats. So it's a brand you know is good. 

This is the XL version so it's designed specifically for people in the 5’11” - 6'9" and 175lbs - 395lbs range. Or small people who really like to spread out. It's got a 165° recline so you can really settle in, with adjustable arm rests, head and lumbar support so you can always find the sweet spot.

If you're in the market for a new chair in a Prime Day deal then this a great steal. It might be at the higher end of the budget spectrum but it's a chair that will see you through many years of gaming.

Get the full details on the deal below and see what other Prime Day gaming deals there are further down the page'

Secretlab Titan Evo Gaming Chair Prime Day deal

| $850$649 at Amazon Save $200 -

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Black Gaming Chair | $850 $649 at Amazon Save $200 - That's a a quarter off what we consider the finest gaming chair around. It's layered with adjustable bits that can let you set the armrest, back support and even the seat base so you'll always get comfortable. You won't see many seats of this quality with that much of a discount. 

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