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Save big on Sony 4K TVs with this sizzling Walmart sale

Save big on Sony 4K TVs with this sizzling Walmart sale
(Image credit: Sony)

Amazon's Prime Day deals have come and gone, but that doesn't mean there aren't any great buys going on elsewhere, especially in the electronics department. And if a new TV is on your radar, you're going to want to pay attention to this one.

Walmart is currently hosting a deal on several of the TVs in the Sony Bravia line. One particularly great choice is the Sony Bravia X900F 4K TV (65 in) for just $1,500, which is $700 off its typical price of $2,190. 

You can also pick up another Bravia model on the cheap in two sizes: the X800E 55 in 4K for just $800, which will save you $300 off its typical $1100 price, or the smaller 49 in version for $480, which is $420 off the normal cost of $900. 

For the smaller X800E model, you'll have to add the TV to your cart before Walmart will display the price, but rest assured, it's absolutely on sale. 

TechRadar reviewed the X900F series and proudly proclaimed it a "beast," hailing its "excellent" HDR and SDR picture quality, "clean, open sound" and its "fair value." 

"Short and sweet, the 65XF9005/65X900F is a brilliant mid-priced TV. Every one of the improvements Sony has introduced over and above last year’s already excellent X900E series – better processing, more brightness, slightly more backlight dimming zones, improved motion performance – delivers the goods, resulting in picture quality that humbles many more expensive TVs."

The other options are still absolutely stunning, and those prices are looking pretty tempting, even if you just bagged a new set and are still breaking it in. If you're in the market for a TV, now certainly looks like a good time to get one. 

Sony Bravia X900F 4K TV (65 in) is $1,500 at Walmart | save $700
Pick up one of Sony's best 4K TVs for nearly $1,000 off its usual price and bask in its excellent picture quality and sound. View Deal

Sony Bravia X800E 4K TV (55 in) is $800 at Walmart | save $300
If you don't want the top of the line Bravia on sale, this TV will do just fine, plus you'll be saving a bundle. View Deal

Sony Bravia X800E 4K TV (49 in) is $480 at Walmart | save $420
Grab the smaller Bravia X800E for an absolute steal and place this display in a spare bedroom or guest area. View Deal

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