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Sam Raimi producing Refuge

Despite diving back into Spider-Man's world, Sam Raimi is still taking the time to help out up-and-coming filmmakers - and this time it's music video man Corin Hardy.

Hardy's pitch apparently involved a small, remote town being terrorized by a Yeti - the cryptozoological creature that hails from the Himalayas.

It'll be written by Tom De Ville and, to make sure the pair are ready to make their film debut, fellow producer Jason Blum is giving them the money to make a short film based on the concept before they tackle the feature-length version.

Hardy's best known as the man behind videos for the likes of Keane and Prodigy, but Raimi's usually got a good eye for fresh directing talent, so we're hopeful for this one.

Plus, we don't need the main cinematic image of Yetis to be Rob Cohen's Mummy 3…

[Source: THR ]

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