Saints Row The Third cheats - all the codes you can use

Saints Row The Third cheats
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Saints Row The Third cheats are what you'll need to somehow make this game even spicier. They'll allow you to get more money, respect and other items like weapons or vehicles at the touch of a button (well, inputting a word). Plus, you can make yourself feel even more godlike by altering the weather, changing the clocks, or even something a little more crazy like turning all civilians into zombies. Ah, carnage.

How to use Saints Row The Third cheats

Saints Row The Third cheats

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Using Saints Row The Third cheats is as simple as pulling up your in-game phone, selecting Extras and then Cheats. Once in this menu, select Add Cheats then type in any of the Saints Row The Thirds cheat codes below before hitting Accept. You'll see a confirmation message if successful, and that specific cheat will then be added to the menu so you can use it as much as you like from then on. The best news is that these codes work across both the original and remastered games, so the below Saints Row The Third cheats can be used on PC or any of the three generations of console versions.

Saints Row The Third cheats

Saints Row The Third ability cheat codes

Saints Row The Third cheats

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  • letsrock: All Weapons - Spawn all weapons and infinite ammo
  • whatitmeanstome: R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Gain 10,000 respect
  • cheese: Cash Money - Receive $100,000
  • runfast: Super-Sprint - Infinite sprint meter
  • pissoffpigs: Anger Cops - 5* Police notoriety
  • lolz: Anger Gangs - 5* Gang notoriety
  • goodygoody: No Police - Clear all police notoriety
  • oops: No Gangs - Clear all gang notoriety
  • repaircar: Repair Car - Fix all damage to vehicle
  • isquishyou: Vehicles Smash - Your vehicle smashes others
  • goldengun: Golden Gun - One-hit kills enemies
  • vroom: Vroom - Your vehicle is invulnerable

Saints Row The Third world cheat codes

Saints Row The Third cheats

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  • fryhole: Elevator to Heaven - Victims float into the sky
  • notrated: Rated M++ - Extra blood and guts
  • nohud: No Hud - Hide the hud
  • ticktock: Time of Day cycle - Advance time by 5 or 6 hours
  • dui: Drunk Peds - Drunk AI
  • hohoho: Pimps and Hookers - Peds spawn as pimps and hos
  • brains: Zombocalypse - Peds spawn as zombies
  • mascot: Company of Gyros - Gang members replaced by mascots
  • clearskies: Sunny weather
  • overcast: Cloudy weather
  • lightrain: Rainy weather
  • heavyrain: Very rainy weather

Saints Row The Third vehicle cheat codes

Saints Row The Third cheats

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  • giveambulance: Spawn Ambulance
  • giveanchor: Spawn Anchor
  • giveattrazione: Spawn Attrazione
  • givebootlegger: Spawn Bootlegger
  • givechallenger: Spawn Challenger
  • givecommander: Spawn Commander
  • givecondor: Spawn Condor
  • giveeagle: Spawn Eagle
  • giveestrada: Spawn Estrada
  • givevtol: Spawn F69 Vtol
  • givegatmobile: Spawn Gatmobile
  • givekaneda: Spawn Kaneda
  • givekenshin: Spawn Kenshin
  • giveknoxville: Spawn Knoxville
  • givekrukov: Spawn Krukov
  • givemiami: Spawn Miami
  • givemunicipal: Spawn Municipal
  • givenforcer: Spawn Nforcer
  • givepeacemaker: Spawn Peacemaker
  • givephoenix: Spawn Phoenix
  • givequasar: Spawn Quasar
  • givereaper: Spawn Reaper
  • givesandstorm: Spawn Sandstorm
  • giveshark: Spawn Shark
  • givespecter: Spawn Specter
  • givesquasar: Spawn Squasar
  • givestatusquo: Spawn Status Quo
  • givetaxi: Spawn Taxi
  • givetitan: Spawn Titan
  • givetoad: Spawn Toad
  • givetornado: Spawn Tornado
  • givevortex: Spawn Vortex
  • givevulture: Spawn Vulture
  • givewidowmaker: Spawn Widowmaker
  • givewoodpecker: Spawn Woodpecker

Saints Row The Third weapon cheat codes

Saints Row The Third cheats

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  • givesheperd: Spawn 45 Shepherd
  • giveapoca: Spawn Apocafists
  • givear55: Spawn AR 55
  • giveultimax: Spawn AS3 Ultimax
  • givebaseball: Spawn Baseball Bat
  • givechainsaw: Spawn Chainsaw
  • givecybersmg: Spawn Cyber Blaster
  • givecyber: Spawn Cyber Buster
  • giveblossom: Spawn D4TH Blossom
  • giveelectric: Spawn Electric Grenade
  • giveflamethrower: Spawn Flamethrower
  • giveflashbang: Spawn Flash Bang
  • givelauncher: Spawn GL G20 Grenade Launcher
  • givedigger: Spawn Grave Digger
  • givegrenade: Spawn Grenade
  • givekobra: Spawn KA-1 Kobra
  • givekrukov: Spawn K-8 Krukov
  • givesniper: Spawn McManus 2015
  • giveminigun: Spawn Minigun
  • givemolotov: Spawn Molotov
  • givesword: Spawn Nocturne
  • givedildo: Spawn The Perpetrator
  • givercgun: Spawn RC Possessor
  • givedrone: Spawn Reaper Drone
  • giverpg: Spawn RPG
  • givehammer: Spawn S3X Hammer
  • giveairstrike: Spawn SA-3 Airstrike
  • givesatchel: Spawn Satchel Charge
  • giverocket: Spawn Shock Hammer
  • givesonic: Spawn Sonic Boom
  • givestungun: Spawn Stun Gun
  • givetek: Spawn TEK Z-10
  • giveslm8: Spawn Viper Laser Rifle
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