Ryan Reynolds is off to Adventureland

If his travelling caravan of information hasn’t visited your house yet, let it be known that Greg Mottola, and not Judd Apatow or even Seth Rogen, directed Superbad.

Mottola’s now embarking on his follow-up, working from his own script that sees an uptight college graduate (Jessie Eisenberg) forced to spend summer 1987 working in an amusement park when he realises his cash flow is a little short of his perfect European trip.

Now that amusement park has two other employees – Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart. He’ll play Connell, riotous rocker, wannabe music star and the epitome of cool to the Mcjobbers slogging their way through the park, while she’s a tough tomboy who catches Esienberg’s eye.

Mottola will start shooting the movie next month in Pittsburgh. Oh, and if his tour should reach you, don’t forget to offer him a cup of tea and a biscuit. He gets angry otherwise.

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