Rush for Berlin rolls out the big guns

After a daring raid behind enemy lines we can bring you images - covertly captured, of course - of the German 'super weapons' that will feature as part of the Nazi's arsenal in upcoming real-time strategy Rush for Berlin which is scheduled for release for PC in May.

Based on weapons that Hitler hoped would turn the tide of World War II in Germany's favour, allies advancingin tothe heart ofenemy territorywill have to go up against such terrifying tools of termination as the Messerschmitt 262, the world's first jet fighter; the Goliath, a remote-controlled bomb on wheels; and the mighty 188 ton Maus tank.

Above: Believe it or not, this stubby tin pot was considered to bea Germansuper weapon

Developed by Stormregion, which also masterminded the Codename: Panzers games, Rush for Berlin recreates the allied push towards the German capital that ultimately ended the war in Europe. Each objective in the game is assigned with a historically accurate time limit, although if players complete it ahead of schedule they bank the surplus time and can use it to boost their campaign, either by deploying extra units or by marching on to catch the Germans with their Swastika-patterned pants down.

Of course, exceeding an objective's time limit means that the Nazi's will gain an advantage over the allies, consequently giving Adolf's boys the chance to strengthen their troops with reinforcements or by affording them more time to power on with the development of super weapons. Aim your sights at the images tab at the top of the page for a closer look at these deadly devices.

Matt Cundy
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