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Rumour: Warner Bros has an actor to play Batman in Justice League?

The ending of The Dark Knight Rises has left Joseph Gordon-Levitt battling constant questions about whether he’ll continue the Batman franchise as John ‘Robin’ Blake.

Christopher Nolan’s threequel established Blake as the next in line to the Bat-throne, but surely that was a neat, satisfying ending that tied up threads hinted at in Batman Begins .

JGL told us as much when we interviewed him for Looper , admitting: “I understand we people think that [ I could continue the Dark Knight series ], because movies are so franchised now. I never took it that way, I just think it’s a really great ending for that story.”

However, Hitfix is reporting that “according to sources, Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman.”

Hitfix even goes as far as to speculate about a potential cameo for Gordon-Levitt’s Batman in Man Of Steel , inspired by Zack Snyder's recent comments about an extended universe .

For now, we’re looking at this news through very sceptical eyes. First off, there’s the persistent fact that characters from Nolan’s reality-based Gotham wouldn’t sit comfortably next to heroes like Superman.

And, unless Man Of Steel is set a whole decade or more after TDKR , Blake will be a very inexperienced Batman. If he’s to fight crime side-by-side with Supes, he’ll probably look a bit out of his depth.

Take this one with a handful of salt for now, and we’ll report more news on Justice League as it breaks.

The Dark Knight Rises hits DVD and Blu-ray on 3 December 2012, so you can pore over any hints about Blake’s future in minute detail.