Rumor: Metal Gear's Raiden joining Ezio's Assassin Brotherhood

Bionic ninjas in 14th century Italy? It could happen. According to a tipster over at Joystiq, Metal Gear Solid's Raiden is set to be an unlockable player skin in Ubisoft's forthcoming Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

According to the (shady)source, Raiden is an unlockable outfit that will be rewarded to players upon completion of the game's new 'virtual training' mode, which will be accessible via the Animus.

Is this amazing news or an inspired hoax? Considering developers Konami and Ubisoft have traded characters before (i.e. Altair in MGS4), it's possible that Ubisoft is returning the favour by including Raiden in its upcoming sequel as pre-publicity for Konami's Metal Gear: Rising.

If it is true, here's hoping players can still hide in plain site a shiny, robotic death machine from the future. Yep, that should be subtle.


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