Ronin comes to the big screen

We've had Sin City and 300 is on its way, and now Frank Miller fans have a third movie project to look forward to, with the announcement that a producer and director have been signed up for a film version of Ronin.

The producer will be Gianni Nunnari, who's already the producer on 300 - apparently he's become quite fond of Miller's work. Nunnari has also announced that the director's chair will be filled by Sylvain White.

Ronin tells the story of a ronin (funnily enough), a masterless samurai from Japan's feudal era, who is reincarnated in a dystopic, near-future New York, where he must face the reincarnated form of a demon, Agat. This isn't the first time a film adaptation has been announced - Darren Aronofsky also expressed interest in adapting the graphic novel for the screen in 1998.

In an interview with, White has already spoken in some detail about what we can expect from the project. When asked about how faithful to the comic the film will be, he said "The idea will be to stay close to the graphic novel. Ronin is very dense and very long so of course we are going to have to streamline the story to fit it within a movie time frame." He also says that he's currently polishing several different scripts from different writers to produce a final version, and that although he hasn't spoken to Miller in person about the film yet, they've "had some preliminary exchanges and so far so good". You can read the full interview on .

Source: Dark Horizons

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