Rogue One adds a new ship to the Star Wars universe- the U-Wing

Meet the INCOM UT-60D or, to give it its friendlier name, the U-Wing. It's because... you know. It's the latest ship to be added to Star Wars canon via Rogue One

The Star Wars Show has given us a closer look at the U-Wing, describing it as a troop transport and gunship. Its role is specifically to "bring in rebels to heavy fire zones and get out as quick as possible". 

Because it's designed to drop off troops and provide air support it's actually got two configurations. First the U-Wing shape: 

And then a second configuration with the wings locked out. I'm guessing for more attack options and to look cool. 

It seems a likely candidate for the ship we see in recent footage when Jyn says 'May the Force be with us', and potentially set up to play a big part in the Rebel assault on Scarif, where the Death Star plans are held. There may well have been more shown in the secret Rogue One trailer that was only shown behind closed doors at the recent Star Wars Celebration as well.

You can check out the full show below. The bit about the ship starts about 1m25 in. 

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