Rockstar: GTA IV multiplayer 360 and PS3

Don Mattrick may have let slip something that he shouldn't have: that the online multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto IV will only be available on 360.

UPDATE: Rockstar has confirmed that "both versions of Grand Theft Auto IV will have an online multiplayer component," so it looks like Mattrick did get his words mixed up.

Original story below:

Speaking on a Major Nelson podcast the two Microsoft execs spend most of the time saying the word 'Microsoft' (count 'em) and patting each other on the back about how great 360 is doing. And why wouldn't they?

But then the conversation moves to great games and, quite rightly, GTA IV springs up.

Mattrick says that it's "an amazing piece of software and I'm really excited with its downloadable content and online multiplayer support. Again, that's something that's unique to 360." He added, "We think consumers are going to love that and it's going to create, what I would describe again as the premium experience on our platform."

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 13, 2008