Rockstar gives Red Dead Online beta players cash and gold bars ahead of in-game economy improvements

Following up on the development forecast released earlier this week, Rockstar is rolling out the first major Red Dead Online updates, starting with improvements to its busted economy. 

Immediate changes include increased cash and gold payouts on free roam missions and events, Land of Opportunities missions, and other activities. The value of items like fish and pelts, which many players have been farming to earn money in lieu of missions, is also being adjusted. Additionally, the prices of weapons at the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue, and gunsmiths will be reduced. Rockstar said players who've already purchased weapons will receive a refund for the difference by Monday, December 10. 

Rockstar is also giving freebies to everyone who's already participated in the Red Dead Online beta, as well as anyone who plays by midnight PST tonight, December 6. (That's 3am EST / 8am BST December 7.) These players will receive $250 and 15 gold bars of in-game currency, which should go much further under Red Dead Online's updated prices. Rockstar said these freebies will arrive by Friday, December 14, though early beta players could receive their gifts as early as today. 

With the pressure to earn as much money as possible finally lifted, I reckon Red Dead Online players will start sampling more of what the multiplayer mode has to offer, and offering more feedback in turn. Rockstar said it plans to deliver rapid updates throughout the beta process, with more changes scheduled for next week, so here's hoping the mode continues to improve. 

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Austin Wood

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