Rockstar appeals Manhunt 2 ban

As previously speculated, Rockstar will indeed appeal the BBFC ban. The company has now told us that it's officially lodged a plea with the Video Appeals Committee over Manhunt 2's ban in the UK.

Rockstar notified the VAC yesterday,at the last minute- as it was only allowed six weeks to formulate an appeal to the UK ban.

VAC has the power to overturn the BBFC's ban decision, so depending on the body's decision we could finally see Manhunt 2 release on Wii, PS2 and PSP - though obviously a bit later than the originally planned July release.

A date will now be set for the VAC's hearing, which will look at both the BBFC and Rockstar's side of the argument, as well as viewing demonstrations of the game itself.

UPDATE: Rockstar confirmed the appeal toGamesRadar via the following statement:

"Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. confirmed today that Rockstar Games has appealed the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) decision that prohibited the release of any version of Manhunt 2 in Britain."

August 2, 2007