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Rocket League comes to Xbox One on Feb. 17 with a few bonuses

The beautiful collision between flipping fuel-guzzlers and frantic football players is finally coming to Xbox One on February 17. Smash hit Rocket League, notable for having a bizarre pitch at both the beginning and end of its creation process, has been available on PlayStation 4 and PC since July 2015 - or to use a more relevant calendar touchstone, in the days/daze before you started playing Fallout 4.

The protracted time between ports may have given Xbox pros-to-be months to absorb guides, video streams and ambient commentary wafting through the air like instructive pollution, but developer Psyonix is also tossing in a few bespoke bonuses. The Xbox One version of Rocket League will be home to new antennas (pulled from Xbox games like Sunset Overdrive), rocket trails and cars. Microsoft car cameos include the Warthog from the Halo series (in the form of the ‘Hogsticker’), and the bulky ‘Armadillo’ from Gears of War.

Rocket League is going for $20 / £15 on Xbox One, where it will contain all updates of the game released to date. It will not, however, feature cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC.

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Ludwig Kietzmann
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