Ringo Starr trademarks his name as a game title

There has just been an application down at the ol' trademark office to secure the rights to the name "Ringo" in association with 'video and computer games.' Any idea who might have applied for that? Well, aside from the fact that we just told you in the headline of this article, it's pretty obvious only one man has the right to trademark Ringo - former Beatles great Ringo Starr.

And that pretty much sums up all we know. Starr has registered his first (stage) name in the trademark categories for "computer game software" and "downloadable computer games via the internet and wireless devices."

Might we see Ringo: The Experience? Or perhaps Ringo Ringo Revolution? How about Ringo the Hedgehog, or new Super Ringo Bros. Wii? One thing's for sure - the name Ringo will fit in in any video game title, and for that reason alone I'm behind whatever the devil Mr. Starr is cooking up.

Ringo has been busy with his own solo career, having just released his latest album Y Not. And since any reputable musician these days has to have a video game backing, it makes sense that he would branch out. Now we just have to wait to see what that branching out will actually entail.

[Source: GameSpot UK]

Feb 1, 2011