Ridley Scott to direct a supernatural blockbuster

Ridley Scott’s riding high with the success of American Gangster and now he’s got his eye on Stonehenge. And hopefully we mean the monument, not the tiny cardboard version as used by Spinal Tap.

Fox 2000 is nabbing his services to direct the script Stones, written by Matt Cirulnick. It’s a large-scale, mysterious tale of ancient religious sites getting destroyed around the world. Stonehenge ends up being the link to other artefacts that possess great power. It’s not Cirulnick’s first foray into ancient history – he’s just completed writing Elysium, a Greek mythological drama for New Regency.

If all this sounds right up your historical alley, then be prepared for a wait. Not only does Sir Rid already have Body Of Lies (with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio) already shooting, but he’s also planning to jump straight on to Robin Hood re-think Nottingham with Crowe. And then there’s the small, thorny matter of all scriptwriters being on strike…

Expect this one sometime before the end of the decade. Maybe. If the stars align, that is.

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