Ridge Racer Unbounded delayed in North America

Noticing a lack of Ridge Racer Unbounded boxes in the new release section? That's because Namco Bandai has once again put the breaks on Bugbear Entertainment's street racer, pushing the title's North American launch back until later in the year.

The latest iteration of the Ridge Racer series was suppose to arrive on US shores today, however Namco issued a last minute statement apologizing for the delay and explaining it needed the extension to “pack the disc with features that will truly make the game sing.”

The US delay follows last month's announcement that Bugbear Entertainment's racer would also miss its European launch date by nearly month. That version is still expected to arrive at the end of March, however it's unclear if that date will be furthered revised after today's news.

Last week, Namco Bandai's lifted the curtain on its Ridge Racer Unbounded preorder promotion, which includes a free bump up to the Limited Edition, new cars, and paint jobs. On the brightside, maybe now fans have more time to take advantage of the upgrade?