Ridge Racer Unbounded trailer pimps pre-order incentives

Namco has delivered a sneak peak at The Ghoster, The Immortal, The Road Wolf, and other freebies featured in the Ridge Racer Unbounded Limited Edition, which is now available as a free upgrade for all who preorder the the regular version of developer Bugbear's upcoming racer:

As shown in the final frames, the Limited Edition will include the three aforementioned vehicles plus exclusive vehicle skins inspired by classic Namco games like Galaga, Tekken, Ace Combat, Soulcalibur, and Pac-Man. Six actual cars are also being used to boost pre-order sales, including Ridge Racer 1 Machine, The Hearse, Ridge Racer Type 4 Machine, El Mariachi, Ridge Racer 7 Machine, and The Gallows.

Ridge Racer Unbounded rolls in for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 6 in North America, and March 30 for UK.

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