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Move over Pickle Rick, Rick and Morty season 4 could include Wasp Rick and Teddy Rick

Rick and Morty season 4
(Image credit: Adult Swim)

To coincide with the upcoming Rick and Morty season 4 premiere this Sunday, several new Funko Pops have been unveiled. From Teddy Rick to Wasp Rick, they could be teasing the sort of nightmare-fuelled direction the first half of the season is headed.

Due for release in December, there are five Rick and Morty season 4 Funkos: Wasp Rick, Kirkland Meeseeks, Death Crystal Morty, Teddy Rick, and Hologram Rick Protestor. The latter two also have ‘Chase’ variants, essentially limited-edition versions to add to your collection before they join the sprinkling of rarest Funkos that go well into three figures – and beyond.

Rick and Morty

(Image credit: Funko/Adult Swim)

So, what do these Funkos tell us about the season ahead? For one thing, the Meeseeks are back – as confirmed by Justin Roiland in an interview with EW earlier this year – but a special type of Meeseeks will be making its presence known if you can take these Funkos at face value. Kirkland Meeseeks is a reddish, grumpy-looking Meeseeks. Maybe he’s been helping Jerry perfect his golf swing again?

Elsewhere, the Council of Ricks (or, at least, another alternate version of Rick) will be making an appearance as there’s a Hologram Rick protestor. Where Ricks go, Evil Morty normally follows. Might he have a rebellion on his hands at The Citadel?

Finally, the show is seemingly latching on to the ever-popular Pickle Rick meme and upping the ante even further. Say hello to Teddy Rick (plus a disfigured Teddy Rick) and Wasp Rick – which is sure to haunt you for the rest of today. You’re welcome. 

A meta comment on how easy it is to brainstorm a random idea and sell it as Rick and Morty merch? Probably. But I still want one.

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