Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland says the series "could go on forever"

Rick and Morty
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As Rick and Morty love to tell us, their show could go on for 100 seasons. And while those jokes are usually a meta punchline, Rick and Morty received a massive vote of confidence back in 2018 when Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes.

With Rick and Morty season 6 soon coming to a close, only 40 of those episodes remain. Does that mean the Rick and Morty team, especially now they’re currently working on season eight (seven's in the bag), are thinking about the end? It’s a question we put to the show’s co-creator (and lead voice actor) Justin Roiland. Fortunately, we can breathe easy.

"There’s obviously some kind of narrative threads that you want to push towards some kind of resolution," Roiland says. "But I think this show, like a lot of other really awesome animated shows that I love, has the potential to just go and go and go." 

Roiland points to the infinite potential of the multiverse, a concept heavily mined by the show in the past, as a reason why Rick and Morty could stick around for a long time to come. "There are so many ideas, so many sci-fi stories, and also the multiverse is vast. There are infinite things you could do in it," he explains. "You also have the high school as a location. There’s a lot of stuff you could do with the show. It’s always been something that we’ve really been super excited about – even in the beginning – with all the different areas we could explore for narrative."

Roiland adds: "So, I don’t see any sort of big, giant ending. Even if we did, you just have all the other multiverses... You could just pick up with another family with another Rick. It kind of could go on forever, really."

For the minute, at least, we have the rest of Rick and Morty season 6 to look forward to later this November on Adult Swim in the US; E4 and All 4 in the UK. Keep with us for more interviews from the team behind Rick and Morty. And for more TV, check out all the new TV shows heading your way soon.

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