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Richard Kelly wraps The Box

Normally, a film wrapping isn’t particularly big news, but when it’s Richard Kelly’s latest, the movie that will hopefully pull his career from the ashes of Southland Tales, there’s a picture to look at, and he’s got plenty to say about it, we take note.

Blabbing on his MySpace blog, Kelly revealed that he’s finished filming and seems overjoyed with the film so far: “It was an amazing experience working with Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella and the entire supporting cast and crew. My editors have been working non-stop, and we are beginning to work on the visual effects, signing a composer, etc.”

The plot, adapted from Richard “I Am Legend” Matheson’s short story finds Diaz and Marsden as a couple with an ailing son. When Frank Langella’s mysterious man arrives at their door bearing a strange box, they’re offered the chance to save their sprog’s life… at the cost of a stranger’s death. We can’t wait for this one. Head to Kelly’s blog for more .