Revolution Goes Golfing

Tecmo has announced plans to bring PangYa, an online golf game you've probably never heard of, to the Nintendo Revolution when the system launches in Japan later this year.

PangYa is currently playable on PCs across the world, and is very popular in Japan. According to the official English website's charmingly poor description, "PangYa is a casual golf game that takes difficult rules of golf and transforms it into cute and easy to understand format so that everyone can enjoy it together." Sounds like a good fit for the Revolution, as the console aims to bring together all kinds of gamers.

The developers seem overly proud about the game's incomprehensible, yet incredibly amusing fantasy setting: "PangYa island is a world in a different dimension. It is now, but not now, it is here, but not here, it is another world." The game's off-the-wall story revolves around a mystical ball that loses power each time it's hit; you have to make sure to get to the hole in the fewest strokes to preserve its magical powers. Right.

More importantly, PangYa is an online golf game. It allows for regular games, team games, and even 30 player tournaments. Though Tecmo has released no details or screens of the Revolution version just yet, we can presume that it will work with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For now, take a look at these screenshots of the PC version and imagine swinging that club with a flick of your wrist.