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Returnal developer debug cheats can be easily activated in-game

(Image credit: Housemarque)

Returnal is housing a slate of easily-accessible developer debug cheats.

Modder and dataminer Lance McDonald recently tweeted about the discovery, which revealed that Returnal has a number of developer debug cheats waiting and ready to go. To enable them, all you need to do is connect a keyboard to your PS5.

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The Returnal cheats were catalogued in full over on the game's official subreddit (opens in new tab), but you can also see them in action in the video below. Once you've connected your keyboard, using a series of numbers combined with holding down shift and control will begin to let you access the developer tools.

It appears you can use shift, control, and alt at the same time on your keyboard to drop the current weapon that you're wielding in Returnal. From there, you can press one to zero on your keyboard to spawn any weapon in the game at the same weapon proficiency level of the weapon you just dropped. Other cheats let you start out every successive cycle with your weapon of choice, but players have been warned off using certain combos, including one which can drop you back at the start of the game if you use it too late into a run.

While the tools are currently up for grabs, there's fear among of the community that access will be patched out when a new Returnal update goes live later today. As you can see in developer Housemarque's tweet below, a patch will be going out at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST, and many think that the developer debug cheats will be on the chopping block.

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This discovery from Returnal's community is fascinating, and here's hoping there's other secrets within Housemarque's game waiting to be uncovered. For what we thought of Housemarque's next-gen debut, head over to our full Returnal review for more.

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