Resistance 2: 60-player online in testing

Therecently released trailerwas far too short and snappy to satisfy any kind of craving for Resistance 2, we're promised more info this Thursday.

Apparently, there's more to the trailer than a simple graphical cock tease. It contains hints at the game's intriguing new plot, which IG's James Stevenson says will be discussed in more detail later this week.

"The trailer discloses some new hints about R2 story direction that I won't spoil for you," said Stevenson, teasing that a pod cast on the official site will be published on April 17, with more info on both the trailer and the game.

He also talks about the current state of the game's development. "We've been working hard getting Resistance 2 ready for its fall release. Right now we're play-testing 60-player multiplayer and eight-player co-op daily, while tweaking sections of our single-player levels," he reveals.

"Needless to say, the game is rapidly progressing and every time we play there are new assets and tech going in," teases Stevenson, who refuses to reveal any specifics. "We're not quite ready to take the lid off the new stuff we're developing", he adds. "There's quite a lot!"

Stop toying with our emotions, guys.

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 15, 2008