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The Resident Evil 7 backpacks are an incredibly useful thing to know the locations of if you want to expand your inventory space. Resident Evil 7 provides three different backpacks for the player to find, each one of which increases your inventory by four slots - a very meaningful upgrade by the stingy survival-horror standards of RE7. And while it's a little odd to imagine Ethan laboring under the weight of four different rucksacks stuffed with ammunition and herbs like he was actually in Death Stranding, it's still great to know where they are. For that reason, we'll lay out where to find all the Resident Evil 7 backpack locations below.

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Backpack 1: Old House

After passing through the Old House, you'll emerge out the other side with a safe room up ahead. Head in there and grab the backpack next to the tape recorder save point.

Backpack 2: Main House (Upstairs)

After returning to the Main House to explore upstairs with the Snake Key, the backpack is sat on a metal shelf in the storage room. 

Backpack 3: Wrecked Ship

In the Wrecked Ship, one you have Corrosives, head down to 1F and use one to enter the Recreation Room, where you'll find a backpack to grant the final increase to your carry capacity. If you need any more Corrosive then head to the Lounge on 2F. Rotate the pictures on the left wall as you enter to match those on the right and the safe will unlock, giving you three more Corrosive to use.

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