All Resident Evil 7 Repair Kit locations for fixing guns

Resident Evil 7 repair kits
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The Resident Evil 7 repair kit locations are essential to know for any aspiring gunsmith. A rare, consumable resource used to turn broken weapons into functional ones, repair kits in RE7 are either hidden or locked behind puzzles - or in some cases, basically both. They're not hard to get if you know where to look though, and definitely helpful in Resident Evil 7's struggle against the Baker family, so we'll explain in detail below how to get all the Repair Kits in Resident Evil 7, as well as the broken weapons to use them on.

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Where to find all Repair Kits and broken weapons in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

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There are only two repair kits in Resident Evil 7 - one of which is outside the Main House, the other of which is in the Testing Area. It's not many, but fortunately that's all you should need. 

Repair Kits are used to make broken weapons functional again and are consumed upon use, and there are only two broken weapons across the game: the broken Shotgun, found behind the Scorpion Door upstairs in the Main House, and the broken Handgun, found in the trailer caravan in the garden that acts as an unofficial hub area. 

Either Repair Kit can be used for either weapon, and you're under no obligation to get either, but when you're dealing with moldy, regenerating rednecks, you want every advantage you can get. With that in mind, here's how to get both repair kits in RE7.

Repair Kit 1

The first repair kit is found outside the main house, in the garden around the caravan trailer after you open the dog-head-door. Look between the two sets of stairs leading up to the house to find some metal sheeting you can interact with to remove, then enter the crawlspace behind and smash the crate to find the repair kit. You can use this almost straight away on the broken handgun in the trailer, or save it for the shotgun later.

Repair Kit 2

The second repair kit is actually hidden behind one of the Resident Evil 7 treasure photos, special puzzle/map hybrids that have players seek out marked locations for loot. You can follow the link to find the exact answer, or try and work it out for yourself - the photo is in the storage room on the second floor of the Main House, unlocked after completing the Old House, and directs you to somewhere in the Testing Area to follow...

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