Resi shooter Umbrella Corps shuffles back to Raccoon City

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Resi's competitive multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps has already revealed the Village from Resident Evil 4 as a shooting gallery and now Raccoon City and its infamous police dept has had the same treatment. As you can see in the new trailer below, we'll be able to take on slews of T-virus infected zombies amidst the burning cars of Raccoon City.  

Other hotspots on Resi's world map getting the arena treatment are Kijuju's Autonomous Zone and Tricell HQ from Resident Evil 5, and Umbrella's lab. 

Umbrella Corps is out on PS4 and PC on June 21. Personally I'm far more excited about what the Resident Evil 7 rumours mean - PT dev, eh? - and keeping a beady bloodshot eye on E3. 

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