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Reporter claims Stars Wars games are coming to Xbox Game Pass today

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Star Wars games could be coming to Xbox Game Pass today as part of May 4 celebrations.

In a new Jeff Grubb's Game Mess video, the GamesBeat reporter delves into detail on various claims. Chiefly, the reporter claims that various Star Wars games could be added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service later today, but he doesn't reveal which ones could be arriving on the service.

Elsewhere in the showcase, Grubb claims that Lucasfilm is making deals for "multiple" Star Wars games. Earlier this year, it was announced by Lucasfilm that a deal had been struck with Ubisoft to make a new Star Wars game, headed up by the studio that developed The Division.

Continuing on from this, the reporter claims that Microsoft could be working on an exclusive Star Wars game. In particular, it's claimed that Gears of War developer The Coalition is working on a Star Wars game, alongside helping 343 Industries ship Halo Infinite later this year in 2021, which is a previous rumor that was doing the rounds earlier this year.

Finally, Grubb rounds out his series of claims by positing that we should start seeing information about Battlefield 6 arriving this week. EA's upcoming shooter has been the subject of a litany of rumors, and one particular rumor did specify that it should be unveiled at some point in May, so this comment from Grubb lines up with what we've previously heard.

Whether or not these Star Wars games make the jump, Xbox Game Pass has been incredibly busy of late. Sony-developed MLB The Show 21 arrived on Xbox Game Pass on day one last month, and Square Enix's Outriders also launched through the subscription service earlier that same month. In Xbox Game Pass and Battlefield 6 news, it's also been claimed that Battlefield 6 will be available through Xbox Game Pass on the day that it launches later this year in 2021. 

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