Report: PS Vita's 3G downloads to be capped at 20MB at launch

A report out of Japan has indicated the PS Vita's 3G capabilities will be subject to 20MB download cap upon launch. This is according to an interview on the Japanese website ASCII, translated by Andriasang, in which an unnamed Sony rep confirmed the forthcoming handheld will likely be unable to download full release titles from the PlayStation Store while using a 3G connection. Not at first, anyway.

The Sony source clarified the cap will only apply to downloads made through a 3G connection, and that players will not be subject to similar limits over wi-fi. The rep also stressed this cap could change down the road, and Sony is also working with software developers to ensure the 3G's 128Kbps download and 64kbps upload speeds won't hinder online gameplay.

It's not clear how long the cap will stay at 20MB, or in which regions it will even exist. That said, if the report proves true, this could deter early adopters from spending the extra cash on a 3G-enabled PS Vita model. Are you planning to pick up a 3G PS Vita? If so, would this (hopefully temporary) limitation make you think twice?

Sep 30, 2011

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