Remnant 2 dev says much-maligned Trait caps aren't going away

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Remnant 2 devs have responded to one of players' biggest criticisms of the shooter sequel.

Remnant 2 only launched in full earlier this week, but players near-instantly cottoned onto one aspect they didn't like. In the original game, the Traits players acquired weren't capped out at a maximum level, but this time, Remnant 2 places a limit on the amount of points players can put into individual Traits, as well as in Traits as a collective group.

Players really aren't fond of this change. The Reddit post below is just one example of a player railing against the change from the first Remnant, talking about how the cap on Trait levels feels pretty prohibitive to character builds, and also makes replaying the same bosses again basically worthless.

Remnant 2 is better than the original in every way, except for the trait point cap from r/remnantgame

Elsewhere, another player has an intriguing suggestion of how the Remnant 2 developers at Gunfire Games could go about fixing the issue, suggesting that removing some Trait slots to make players really think about which Traits they want to equip on their characters, bringing a little more variety to the game, while still keeping the Trait cap limit enabled.

Unlimited trait points, but limited ACTIVE traits. from r/remnantgame

Unfortunately, the Trait limit cap isn't going away. In the Reddit post below, a developer at Gunfire responds to the complaints via a Discord message, noting that they're "set in stone," and most definitely "not being removed." That's sad news for the players complaining about the restrictive system in the new game.

Dev's response to trait cap from r/remnantgame

Additionally, Trait changes are causing problems elsewhere for Remnant players. As the post below from another Gunfire Games developer outlines, negative Trait points are currently causing an issue in the sequel, as if you use the Orb of Undoing while at negative Trait points, you'll lose the points you've accumulated in Remnant 2 forever.

!!!Negative Trait Points!!! from r/remnantgame

It's a bit of a sting for players who were unsatisfied by the Trait changes anyway. It's good to see Gunfire already working on a solution for the issue, although the developer probably needs to get out a wider warning to players about not using the Orb of Undoing while at negative Trait points.

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