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Remember those semi-transparent Crystal controllers from the '90s? PS4 is bringing 'em back

Some days we yearn for a simpler time. A time of hacky sacks, yo-yos, and video game console controllers made of semi-transparent plastic so you could see the mechanical bits inside. Well Sony is bringing back at least one of those things thanks to the new Crystal collection of DualShock 4 gamepads coming October 17.

These controllers are the new DS4 model introduced in 2016, meaning they have a small, second lightbar at the top of the touchpad, extended battery life, and can be played over a wired USB connection. Available in red, white, and blue in the Americas region and simply white in the EU region (save for Russia), the Crystal PS4 controllers will sell for $64.99 in the US, while EU prices vary and Sony suggests contacting your retailer of choice to find out more.

Speaking of retailers of choice, while the US may be getting all three color variants, you won't be able to pick them all up from the same store. The white version is exclusive to GameStop, the red version is exclusive to Best Buy, and the blue version is exclusive to Walmart. Personally I think it should've gone white to Walmart, red to GameStop, and blue to Best Buy, but I'm just slightly obsessive over color-matching so what do I know?

The Crystal collection may not be able to physically transport you back to the era of Ren & Stimpy and Beanie Babies, but they carry the spirit of the '90s proudly. And hey, at least these look better than the Destiny 2-themed and PlayStation F.C. edition controllers.

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