Sims 4 player recreates the Up balloon house and heartbreaking opening sequence

The house and opening scene from the emotional rollercoaster that is Pixar's Up has been recreated in The Sims 4, and you can see the whole thing being built in stop motion should you fancy a good cry.

SimplySimmer19 shared their creation to Reddit, where it was 100% upvoted and showered with praise from fans of the 2009 animated film. It is indeed a work of art, with a Sims-ified version of that unforgettable opening scene that's almost as heartbreaking in its own way. Aside, the whole house is impressively-detailed and accurate to the source - even the minor dimensional differences are hard to spot.

Much like the heartbreaking opening sequence from the movie, the speed build video shows a relationship in time, from its blissful youth through the paralyzing tragedy of infertility and eventual passing of Ellie. Where in the movie, Carl says goodbye to his wife in a hospital room, the Sims 4 version has her fade away as the graying couple sits together for their last meal.

Once you've had the time to dab your totally not-crying eyes, you should check out the rest of SimplySimmer's stop-motion work. There's Rick and Morty's house, the Bob's Burgers restaurant, and Dunder Mifflin from The Office, each boasting an incredible level of detail.

While clearly The Sims 4 is still alive and well, earlier this year we got our first hint at what we can expect from a sequel. EA CEO Andrew Wilson suggested in an investor call that The Sims 5 could finally bring multiplayer elements like "social interactions and competition" to what's historically been a single-player experience.

Until then, here are the best Sims 4 mods to explore the outer limits of the popular life-sim game.

Jordan Gerblick

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