Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies and games (February 18-24)

1. Fortnite’s Overtime Challenges fill the void before season 8, net you a FREE SEASON PASS and there’s Double XP this weekend 

For whatever reason Fortnite Season 8 is has been delayed by a few weeks but there’s no need to get sad as there are a bunch of Fortnite Overtimes Challenges to not only keep you busy but also potentially earn you a free Battle Pass. Some of it is a straightforward challenge, like reaching Battle Pass Tiers 47, 71 and 87. The rest will certainly give you something to do as you deal damage, survive matches, collect coins from Creative Islands, search ammo crates and more. To sweeten the deal even further there’s a double XP weekend on the 22 and 24th so if you’re going to try finish the 13 challenges you need for that free Battle Pass this is a good week to get stuck in. Leon Hurley

What: Fortnite’s Overtime Challenges
PS4, Xbox One, PC, NIntendo Switch, mobile
When: Ongoing

  • The Fortnite earthquake event has already started, as cracks begin to appear across the battle royale map

2. Can a superhero movie win Best Picture at the Oscars 2019?

It’s once again time for the biggest movie award ceremony in the world, but the Academy Awards are a little bit different this year. For the first time ever, a superhero movie is in with a chance of winning the coveted Best Picture category with Black Panther nominated alongside BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, Roma, A Star is Born, and Vice. While it’s unlikely that the MCU movie will take the top prize, the fact that it’s even been nominated is a big step forward for an awards ceremony that’s been accused of not giving mainstream blockbusters enough credit. Make sure you tune into to watch the Oscars this weekend with our how to stream the Oscars viewing guide and if you need a reminder of all of this year’s Oscar nominations, we have that too! Lauren O’Callaghan

What: Oscars 2019
When: February 24, 2019
Where: Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, LA

3. The Trials Rising Open Beta is a free chance to get on your bike and break every bone in style

The release of a new Trials game doesn’t come around too often, but maybe that’s because Ubisoft knows it takes the average person a few years (and at least four controllers) to beat each one to perfection. Because Trials’ blend of ludicrous physics and airtight platforming is a perfectionist’s game, and the upcoming entry - Trials Rising - looks to be as teeth clenching as ever. This time, your unnamed, death defying biker is going on a world tour, attempting to impress the crowds with yet more tough as nails gauntlets through elaborately constructed environments. Ubisoft has already promised that Trials Rising features some of the most challenging tracks in the series’ history, so best star limbering up those fingers once again, when the free, Open Beta (which includes 18 courses from the full game) hits PC and consoles later this week. Alex Avard

What: Trials Rising Open Beta
When: Feb 21 - 25
Where: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

4. Cold Pursuit is out on February 22 and it’s basically a tongue-in-cheek version of Taken 

Liam Neeson is known for being the person who has a very special set of skills and will look for you, find you, and kill you, and that hasn’t changed in Cold Pursuit. Still playing a vengeful father named Nels, this time he’s getting revenge on the druglord who killed his son - in a deliciously black comedy. By the sounds of it Cold Pursuit is taking the mick out of Taken, with Nels getting out of breath mid-murder, a druglord shielding himself from blood splatter using an egg carton, and killing someone by piledriving a log through the roof of their car. This is retribution on a large scale in a small town (think Fargo-style laughs), and well worth seeing if you want to have a giggle at a whole host of murders. Zoe Delahunty-Light

What: Cold Pursuit
Where: Cinemas everywhere
When: February 22

  • Cold Pursuit review: "Droll, sleek, and not content to settle for being Taken 4"

5. Anthem is finally here, but can it convince players that BioWare knows how to do a live game?

Now, knowing when does Anthem come out can be a bit of a strange one, but basically there's two things you need to know. If you subscribe to EA Origin Access Premier on PC, you can play the whole game in its entirety right now, and then everyone else can get full unfettered access from the official Anthem game release date on February 22. However, you might want to hold off before hitting that purchase button, because Anthem has some... issues. Although the world is phenomenally beautiful, and gunplay feels incredible, it just lacks focus, and a real reason to keep coming back for more. You're just working to increase the numbers on your guns, and tick missions off rather than throwing yourself in face first to a story that just won't quit. Of course, I'd advise checking it out for yourself first, but it's getting very difficult to recommend. Has BioWare totally lost the plot? I think it might have. Sam Loveridge

  • Everything you need to know about the Anthem story, lore, characters and factions

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